~ vacation loans are available at Silvanus Lodge

Have you decided to enjoy your vacation at Silvanus Lodge and don't have enough money? Do not get sad! Remember that money never runs out, and life goes on, and you have to be able to live so that later, you have something to remember.

Silvanus Lodge together with its partners gives you the opportunity you apply for a quick loan for your vacation. This way you will easily get the money you need for the lake vacation!

How do you get a vacation loan?

It's as simple as a small personal loan:

# 1 Set expenses + unforeseen expenses (+/- 8%);
# 2 Apply for a vacation loan by completing the application form online;
# 3 Wait a few minutes for the loan approval decision to be made;
# 4 All you have to do is sign the loan agreement and receive the money within one business day.

See how simple it is!

Beautiful holidays and a pleasant rest!