~ directions

For you geeks with the talking maps, the GPS locator: 9350 State Route 22, Hillsdale NY, or Route 22 & Route 23, or type in “22” for Street name…  image

Or CALL and ASK!  If you are looking on a map, we are on Route 23 between the City of Hudson (New York) and the City of Great Barrington (Mass).   Hillsdale is located immediately between the two.  The motel is near the ONLY stop light in Hillsdale… on Route 22 (intersection of 22 & 23) – about 100 yards north of that same stop light.

From BOSTON? If you are coming in off I-90 FROM the east (like from Boston), you’ll go SOUTH on Route 22 about 20 minutes or to the first stop light – THE stop light.  At that point, you will have JUST past the motel on the left (or the east) side of the road.

From NYC? If you are on Route 22, just go north to that famous stop light at the intersection of Route 22 & Route 23, go an additional 100 yards and THERE you are… it’s on the right.  If you are taking the Taconic Parkway, you’d get off at Route 23 (be careful with Mapquest as it can get you lost here!) – or the Hillsdale / Claverack Exit, and go toward Hillsdale – and that would be  a RIGHT turn (or EAST) from the Taconic Parkway if you were headed north.  You’ll go about 6 or 7 minutes to the FIRST stop light… which is that same famous intersection of Routes 22 & 23.  Turn LEFT or NORTH on Route 22, and go 100 yards, and there it is again!  On the RIGHT side of the road (or east).

Though the property is not marked with the “number” address, you can’t miss the sign!