the arts

imageEverything here is art.  The journey, the food, the weather…

However, should you be interested in some specifics, below are a few of our favorites:

Norman Rockwell Museum ~ is a national treasure.  And for the faint of heart (or history or those that get bored just looking around) they have a wonderful recorded tour to help you place the pictures to history.  It could easily double the value of the time invested.  This attraction is open yea round.

imageOlana~ this place certainly would have broke the zoning codes in modern New York.  Neither a farm house or a Victorian, this place is like Disney got loose in the early 1800’s.  While it might be difficult for some to live with, it makes for a great tour.

This place was the home of Frederic Church (1826-1900)

Spectacular views of the Hudson River, and the house is a FRAME for each view of the river and the Catskills.  This perhaps it the best part of the house.  Perhaps Frederic realized that he could hardly out do the real thing (Fred liked to pain lots of landscapes; one of his buddies was Thomas Cole).

The Clark ~ Okay, this place is by far a million miles from the motel, but if you are here for a few days, it is a worth while adventure.  Especially in the winter… as it is mostly free.  Audio cost, but WORTH it.

imageThey have also just recently opened the Stone Hill Center.  This is not just a place to show some left-over art from storage… there are some great views of the Taconic Range and the Green Mountains.

As long as you are up this way, you might consider MASS MoCA… a modern art “thang”.  Yes, for some it looks like wallpaper from the 60’s, but still… some really fun wall paper.  If you can catch the LeWitt exhibit, do so… GREAT fun.

The Art you can buy ~ The Auctions…  the antique stores.  YEP, some of it is overpriced, but one never knows when you can find that imageperfect piece of junk to compliment all the junk you have at home.

NO, really… it is a walk through time, from the 1960’s back.  Yes, 1960’s is considered a period now.  And if you can’t find what you want in the stores, we have some great auction houses as well.  One would be Stair Galleries in Hudson New York.  Many come back with some wonderful item that only they could appreciate and at a price that would make most cry.  It is a sight to see.  Watch for the auctions…

There is also a cool website that will lead you along the antique path in the city of Hudson.  There are over 65 stores, and it is all on an easy walk on Hudson’s main drag… Warren Street.  For lots more info…

MORE INFORMATION:  These are the two big tourism sites in the area – (Columbia County) – and (Berkshire County) –  To have information snail-mailed to your home, go here