the music

tanglewood2Music is the number one attraction to the the area… there is somethingps21 magical about the outdoors, the clean air and the purity of the music.  Careful planning is the key to the experience.

Let’s get the show going with the Columbia Festival Orchestra –  This group may not have the intense numbers of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, but there is no lack of passion and serenity.  Traditionally performances include all the charm and beauty, but for fewer dollars and a fraction of the crowds.tanglewood

One can’t get too far without including Tanglewood, the summer home for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.  This is the number one summer attraction in the area.  Besides the BSO, other popular shows include the Jazz Festival in the Fall, James Taylor’s annual “thing” (James is a local here…) as well as the broadcast of the Prairie Home Companion.  The Silvanus Lodge is a popular accommodation simply because the easy access, the regional location and of course… moderate prices that make the cost of Tanglewood easier to swallow.

tannery-pond-concertsThere is another venue we would like to include – that would be “Concerts at Tannery Pond”.  Not many of our guests have taken advantage of this well known attraction and we are not sure why.  It is a beautiful thing…  hopefully highlighting this jewel will change that.  Please take a look at their website:


The music opportunities are unlimited.  There is folk, new wave, pop, choral…   as a final tip, the most delightful opportunities are during the week as sometimes weekends can be a little crowded.

 TIPS:For out Tanglewood guests, the advice is to picnic.  As with all things, it takes a bit of planning… however the best way to do it is to pick up a few gourmet items from several local venues right near the motel.  As “eating out” can be an evening all by itself, sometimes it is far better to streamline the process and rest on a pillow and blanket under the stars.  OR some of our more organized guests have used the grill here at the motel, and they eat here first.  Be sure to bring a book and read while listening to some of the best music in the world.  Even if you have shed (covered) seating, you are still free to show up early and grab a nice spot for relaxing before the music begins.

MORE INFORMATION:  These are the two big tourism sites in the area – (Columbia County) – and (Berkshire County) –  To have information snail-mailed to your home, go here