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The motel has 9 guest rooms, 8 original to the motel, one additional room that is the stdoor2udio apartment.  The little motel sits on nearly five acres of land.

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“The rooms are small” one guest said.  “Intimate” may not be fair either.  Another guest said “light, clean and fun”.  Lighting is good, each room has a large window that looks over the property.  Eight of the main rooms have two doors; one on the parking lot side of the building, and one facing the lawn.

The motel was built in the late 50’s when space was treated as a premium.  But they are nicely laid out with three rooms types.

Queen: The rooms with a queen size bed are the most comfortable.  This room sleeps two, include a desk, dresser, phone, two comfortable chairs, tv, private bathroom with a shower.

Double/Double: The rooms with two double beds are a bit tighter.  The rooms are perfect for two adults and work just fine for a loving family with up to two young children (pre-teen).  We simply do not accept four adults in these rooms as it isn’t civilized!  These rooms also come with a private bath, tv, telephone, desk & dresser.

Studio Apartment: The Studio Apartment is a small room as well, but works very nicely for little families with extended stays, or for a couple that simply wants a world of their own.  The little room has a queen size bed, a day bed and a trundle (3 beds total, 1 queen, 2 twins).  Therefore it easily sleeps up to four adults, but is still coded for up to 5 people.  Often couples with kids and an infant have managed very well.  The apartment has a tv, telephone, small kitchen with very limited dishes and utensils (gourmets are encouraged to bring their own toys).  There is a refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven, small table for eating.  Perhaps the most appreciated aspect is that the apartment sits by itself.

TV: There is cable and it comes in pretty well most of the time (county cable is not the same as the city).  We have about 50 channels, but no premium channels (like HBO).

Each room also has a very fancy telephone that has cables to charge your phone (in case you forget your charger).  PLUS the phone has FOUR USB connections to charge multiple devices, and a bluetooth system that will play tunes from your phone – and pretty good speakers too.  

There is a small box of snacks that works like an honor bar.  We have this instead of vending machines.

As far as decoration is concerned, the rooms are simple.  The carpet is “early willy wonka” (great fun) with reds, blues, orange and black.  There are soft yellow bedspreads, fleece blankets and bright white cotton sheets.  Perhaps the best part of the room is some prints done by Michael Sowa, a German artist known for his excellent skills and quirky mindset.nicewhitesheets

The beds are pretty new; the queen size beds have thick pillow tops and while firm, are an easy touch.  The beds are fully encased for that extra protection from insects!!!  The doubles (rooms with two beds) are very comfortable, but not the same luxury as the queen size beds.

Heating and Air Conditioning are individually controlled in each room.  Baseboard water heat is very comfortable, and the small window unit AC units work quite well on those few summer days when they are needed.

Blow dryers and irons are available on request – although our smarter guests realize these things are typically frowned upon in the country.