~ pictures

grounds2winteroldcar3A guest was going to a car show in Detroit, and it seemed fitting to move the vintage car up along side the motel.

All pictures are taken in and around the motel at various season in the year.




The property includes nearly five acres of land.  The most enjoyable part of the land is both the views and the crystal clear pool in the summertime (closed in winter).  Swimming is 24/7 as long as it is quiet after dark – most people whisper early in the morning and as soon as it is dark.  A real treat is to swim at midnight after a hot summer day.  The pool light goes off after midnight (fewer flying bugs); and then float round and look at the stars.poolshot


Winter is especially magical.  Sometimes an hour can pass and one would not see a single car on the road.  Skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing are all peaceful opportunities to break from the bitter winter world in the city.

winter2dreamsIF we like the car, there is always a place on the lawn assuming we have picture rights…oldcar

The picture at the bottom is LUCY, our harmless snake.  She likes to rest by the patio outside of the Studio Apartment.  She is quiet happy and pretty big for her type.  If she ever gets in the way, we will move her for you.

door21grounds10door5poolYou’ll also see a picture of Henry… he is the yellow cat.  He was a gift from the shelter and stays in the motel lobby.henrysnake