John Andrew’s ***** ~ Egremont MA, Route 23 (224 Hillsdale Rd. Great Barrington, MA)


John Andrew’s without question is the guest’s choice.  JA’s is a destination by itself, and event, and experience.

5 minutes from motel; pricey, but worth every penny, kid friendly.  Reservations best for holidays and weekends. 413-528-3469

Guests comments include: “We come here for John Andrew’s.  Dan, the chef, is one of our favorites”.  “JA is the whole package… a wonderful restaurant lost somewhere in the woods”.  “Steele, that is a GOOD looking picture of the chef!?”,  “We come for nothing else… the night we eat at JA’s, we plan for nothing else”.

Dinner nightly 5pm;  Closed Wednesdays

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