the food

food2Eating fresh country foods in restaurants with truly skilled chefs is a big part of the show.  We do “live to eat”.

PLANNING: There is an entire listing of restaurants that our guests have told are “preferred”.  By no means is the list complete.  But this much we can say, plan where you are going to eat.  Savor the experience… don’t leave it to chance.  You can’t be spontaneous if you don’t have plans that you can change.  We recommend that you make reservations anywhere that accepts them.  

TIPS: Here is one tip… on “off nights” (non-holidays, weekdays), it can be hit-or-miss as to who is open and who is closed (another good reason to make plans).  But the best part is that it is a whole different world during “off-peak”.  Service is typically more friendly.  Sometimes service isn’t so good out this way; we simply don’t have the population to be picky with staffing!!

Also, off-peak means that the restaurants are grateful for the business.  They want you to hang around and relish the experience.  You stretch everything out.  Share an appetizer, order soup, split an entry, split desert, have a coffee or a brandy.  Not only will you be able to experience every course, but you will not leave feeling sick from over-eating.  Portion sizes are often just too big. 

ASSISTANCE: We are more than happy to assist in the planning.  If you’d like someone to walk you through the choices, you are welcome to call and we’ll present some options.  Likewise, we make many reservations for our guests… many of the restaurants try a little harder to meet our guests’ needs because they know that we send them a lot of business.

MORE INFORMATION:  These days, one of the best listing services is YELP!   There are two big tourism sites in the area – (Columbia County) – and (Berkshire County) –  To have information snail-mailed to your home, go here